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The first episode of The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio (former name) aired live on November 1, 2012.   Due to the growth and expansion of discussion topics that were broad and complex in nature, Dr. Culbreth changed the name of  The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio to Complexity Talk Radio.  As Complexity Talk Radio continues to grow, new programs will be added. 


Empowering People of Color !

​​​​​​Complexity Talk Radio, Inc.

Celebrating, Embracing and Empowering Girls and Women of Color!

Bringing people together in unity!

Complexity talk radio -  We are the change needed!  

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Embracing Diversity and Racial Unity!

About Complexity Talk Radio

Taking Action

Representing the change needed in this world!

At Complexity Talk Radio, we do more than simply talk about issues, we develop solutions, projects, etc. to address the issues. We represent  the change needed!



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