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9/24/15         The Culture Of Ignorance

9/17/15         Set Yourself Up ToWin

9/3/15           Psychic Prisons In The Workplace

8/13/15         Living Your Dash in Style: Your Legacy of a Significant Life.

8/6/15          Black People, Police Brutality and Race in the Millennium   (Guest: Mr Bobby Seal, Co-Founder, The Black Panthers)

7/23/15         People Get Ready: A Movement in Turbulent Times (Race, Color and Social Justice in the Millennium)  

6/4/15           Women of  Color: More Than A Trend/Stereotype

5/15/15          Toxic  People, Toxic Environments and Toxic Situations

4/30/15         Grant Writing and the Reality of Baltimore: Indeed It Takes A Village. Guest: Dr. Shandra Terrell Williams

4/18/15          The Effects of Colorism on Girls and Women of Color: An Interview With Filmmaker, Ng'endo Mukii (Film: Yellow Fever)  

3/26/15          Racism in the Millennium  

​​3/19/2015     Colouring Book; The Mixed Race Documentary. Interview with Filmmaker, Jason Cuthbert

3/12/2015      Addressing Racism on College Campuses

3/05/2015     Women’s History Month and The National Girls and Women of Color Council, Inc.

2/26/2015     The Hidden Prejudice in Education

2/12/2015      The Importance of Diversity in Higher Education: Redesigning a Biased Structure

2/05/2015     Preparing Youth of Color for Promising Futures Using S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

1/22/2015     Celebrating and Embracing Girls and Women of Color: Rising Above Colorism

1/15/2015      Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Communities of Color

1/08/2015     The Principles for Living Life Fabulous at Fifty

12/23/2014    "Annie" and Girls of Color Living Life Beautiful

 Why Are You Treating Me Differently? Girls of Color and Disparate Treatment

Girls & Women of Color: Moving Forward, Onward and Upward

  People of Color and the Power Within

 Fabulously Fifty Self-Love and Women of Color

Live Life Beautiful & Live Life Fabulous

 Racial Identity and a Colorblind Society

  Fabulously Fifty Women of Color Living Life Fabulous

Black Women and Intimate Partner Abuse

   Are We There Yet? The Status of Black America

Filmmakers Kim James and Mike Cooke to discuss their film "Across the Tracks"

 The Problem of the Race and Color Lines in Ferguson, Missouri

 Part II, Women of Color Transitioning into the What Next Stage of Life

   Race, Culture and Identity: Sitcoms and Stereotypes of People of Color

 Racism and Colorism as Psychic Prisons

  Race, Color and the Power of Words

Girls of Color and Self Esteem

 Women of Color Transitioning into the What Next Stage in Life

6/19/2014     Beliefs and Values for Girls of Color

6/05/2014    Negativity: Not in my World. Not Now, Not Ever!
5/29/2014    When You Just Can't Handle The Truth: The Needed Dialogue on Racism and Colorism

5/22/2014    When You Just Can't Handle The Truth: The Needed Dialogue on Racism and Colorism

5/08/2014    The Problem of the 21st Century is Still the Problem of the Color Line

5/01/2014    The Politics of Hair in the Black Community

4/10/2014    The Chaos of Colorism: Mind, Body and Soul

3/27/2014    Saving Our Children: Straight With No Chaser

 Why We Must Revive The Purpose of Education

Issues Affecting Girls, Pre-Teens & Teens of Color, Part II

2/27/2014     Issues Affecting Girls,Pre-Teens and Teens of Color, Part  I

 Crabism and Colorism

The Complexity of Race, Color and Identity

Colorism, Solidarity and Race Relations

The New Brown America: The Changing Racial Composition in America

 The Status of Asian Black Relations in the Millennium


12/05/2013   The Change that is Needed, Part II

11/21/2013     The Change that is Needed

11/07/2013    One Year Anniversary Show

10/31/2013     I Am Beautiful: Episode 5: Self-Pride

10/24/2013    I Am Beautiful: Episode 4: Self-Esteem

10/17/2013     I Am Beautiful: Episode 3: Self-Respect

10/10/2013    I Am Beautiful: Episode 2: Self-Love

10/03/2013   I Am Beautiful

 Conscious and Unconscious Colorism , Multiculturalism, etc.

Colorism, Pre-teens, Teens and Self-Esteem

9/05/2013   Loving My Color: Colorism and Standards of Beauty

8/15/2013     Taco Series: Beginnings

8/08/2013   TACO Series: Raising Children

8/01/2013    The Legacy of Colorism and Southern Aristocracy

7/25/2013    Diabetes and People of Color

7/11/2013     Colorism and Diversity in the Workplace

6/27/2013    Racism and Colorism: Which is the Lesser of Two Evils?

6/20/2013   Colorism, Prejudice and Stereotypes

Colorism, Faculty and Administration

 A Call for Unity: Be a part of the change that is needed

Genealogy, Colorism and Passing

5/09/2013    Afro-Brazilian Families and Colorism

 Colorism within the Asian Community

4/11/2013     Colorism and the Latino Community

4/04/2013    Colorism within the Asian Indian Community

Colorism in Advertising and Marketing

The Souls of Black Folk, Colorism and the Black Church

Black Men and Colorism/Interracial Relationships

Black Women, Colorism and Self-Esteem

2/21/2013     Colorism and the Light Skin/Dark Skin Dynamic

2/07/2013    Skin Bleaching and the Bleaching Syndrome in America

Children Teens and Colorism

1/17/2013      The Color Complex

12/20/2012   Colorism Tests, Social Clubs and Associations

12/13/2012    Colorism Literature, Manumission and Reconstruction

11/29/2012    Historical Perspectives of Colorism: Colorism in the Antebellum Era

11/15/2012    Historical Perspectives of Colorism: Intraracial Colorism

11/08/2012    Interracial Colorism

  Introduction to the Dynamics of Colorism